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Paral8 offers comprehensive subtitle creation services in multiple languages, leveraging our AI technology that has been specifically tailored to meet the diverse subtitling needs across various platforms such as social media, web, broadcast, and digital content. Our flexible subtitling solution can be customized based on your specific requirements, including budget, timeline, and quality considerations.


With the support of our experienced linguists, who possess subject matter expertise, and our post-editors, we ensure the highest quality output. Our cutting-edge platforms enable us to enhance time-to-market by more than 30%. Once the translation process is complete, you can instantly access and download the translated transcripts and subtitles in a wide range of formats.


We provide subtitle formats such as DFXP, SRT, SCC, RealText, iTunes, and SBV, ensuring compatibility with different video players and platforms. Additionally, we offer transcript formats including plain text, Word, HTML, JSON, and XML, catering to your specific preferences and requirements. If you have unique translation format needs, we have the capability to develop custom formats tailored to your specific project.


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